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4th gear busted? highway acceleration is super weak.

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Hey, I've been reading this forum for 2 years now and this is my first post. Im having an issue with my 2006 CTS 3.6 and i cannot find anything on the forum in relation to this issue. So the other day I'm driving on the highway and this camry jumps in my lane with no signal nearly hitting my front right side. I end up tailgating him and he takes off. at this point I'm in sport mode using DSC and i shift down to fourth gear, but when i go to give it WOT the RPM's spike up to around 4-5k almost immediately, but no power is being put down, and I'm not going anywhere. this spike only lasts about a second and the RPM's fall back to around 2k, (still WOT) and nothing is really happening. In first gear WOT does what its supposed to, take off like a bat outta hell and the tires spin for 1/2 second, Second gear WOT no problems either engine is eager to take off, and the same for Third gear.
Ive tested around with this on the highway a few times over the last month, and its the same issue every time. WOT or anything over half pedal yields nothing. She simply won't respond to any hard acceleration on the highway. light acceleration seems normal as far as i can tell.

I don't have any idea what is going on at this point. i don't know if its an air vacuum leak, maybe a clogged filter, engine issue, tranny issue, or an electoral problem.
I love my car more than i love myself and this problem is keeping me up at night knowing i can't put down the power.

Any suggestions?
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When this problem happened with the Camry, what was your speed?

Roughly 65 Mph, i downshifted into 4th gear and gave it WOT, Rpm's spiked to about 4-5k for a second, dropped back down to 2-3k, and proceeded to crawl extra slow up as if it had nothing to give.

Testing this further over the last week or so i think i may have uncovered the issue. I was on the highway doing about 60 in sport mode, but i left it in automatic sport mode, i gave it WOT and she auto downshifted and shot to 85 like a rocket. Im assuming that the DSC system isn't as perfect as i had previously believed as this issue did not occur in the slightest and she took off. What I'm assuming is that the DSC system was confused to some degree and that was the problem. I had done a fuel treatment since my original post but i don't think that was the problem. Im thinking the problem was me driving an auto and proceeding to drive it like a manual everywhere i go. After driving around in the sport mode automatic for the last two weeks I've discovered that I'm in love with the automatic transmission. ITs brutal, and it downshifts like an animal and lets the Rpms hang out in case your still using it.
From what i can conclude using common sense the problem was something along the lines of a computer issue when driving in DSC, I do not know if the computer is simply getting confused or what, but when doing the same thing in Sport mode automatic there is no problem, she takes off like a savage. I blame myself for attempting to drive this automatic transmission with a slapstick, Especially now that I have discovered how incredible this transmission is when driving aggressively.
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