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1991 STS, 1992 Fleetwood, 1987 Maxima wagon
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I'm doing a pretty involved service on the car and the short version is I'm working on the engine compartment at the moment...replacing the radiator, oil cooler lines (leaking), tranny cooler lines (leaking too), tranny filter and fluid (pumped out old TC fluid via aux. cooler line) upper and lower rad hoses, 2 coolant pipes (rusty and leaking), probably something else that escapes me. My questions are:

1. On the transmission case, above and slightly to the left of the vacuum modulator, there's an electrical connector. Can't find any direct reference to this in the FSM (maybe didn't read EVERY line but no schematics make direct reference) but it appears as though there might be a leak coming out from this. Anyone know if there's an O-ring or something behind this connector and if it's easily fixed while I have the room to get to it?

2. It looks like I've got a leak on the case side cover...original cork gaskets (car has 92K). I need to replace the front struts and drivers axle (reading Sevillan273's post on that for reference) so most of the suspension parts will be out of the way. FSM has probably the longest R&R description I've seen in the manual for getting to the gaskets (attach a hoist to frame, separate cradle, up and down, blah blah blah). Is it possible to get to these gaskets without the hoist and all the other crap? I'll be nearly there with front strut and axle out, only the left side support will be in the way. Anyone replace this themselves without all the extra steps listed in the FSM? Grazie in advance.
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