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1999 Catera
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99 Catera 107K
Got the car used in 2019 83K miles.
Always had the low gear transmission slip when cold. Would shift smoothly when the drivetrain would come up to temperature. I’ve gone through the forum messages multiple times trying to investigate this issue and because of the severity I disagree that this is a built in failsafe for the Catera and I just have to live with it.
Over the summer I’ve drained the fluid changed the filter, new A&B solenoids, band adjustment, cleaned the range finder. Refilled the transmission (including Lucas snake oil) to correct level when warm. Since then the transmission has gotten progressively worse, often tripping into limp-mode now.
Short of a whole replacement or full rebuild, of the fixes mentioned above who is dealing with the same issue and what steps have you taken to repair and your results? Any success or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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