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487 Mi/1 Mo Old + Oil Leak = New Engine

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I spotted a very minor oil leak on my garage floor several weeks ago with about 350 miles on the new '07 V8. Took it to my dealer w/measurements as to the location of the leak (47" behind the face of the license plate). They did find oil because of my measurements but could not pinpoint the cause/location. They put dye in the oil and I made an appointment for this past Monday (6/18). After about one hour they told me that it looked llike a rear main seal and/or a left valve cover gasket and needed the car for a day or two. I asked for a loaner and was given an '07 DTS (what a boat! clears my garage door by 6"). This morning the service writer called to tell me that they would be keeping the car at least another week. After they had removed the transmission and the rear seal looked good, they discovered a cracked block and ordered a new engine. Can you believe this? I have never had any major problems like this ever in owning some 18 vehicles. I called my sales people at the dealership who went back to look at it. They too could not believe the diagnosis.

Anyone have this problem in recent years? I'm more concerned about the product that I will eventually drive home. Just how good will all the reconnections really be? Thank God I can walk away from it in 38 more months if this all turns to s%$t.

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Now calm down! Sh*t Happens. By all rights, you'll be better than new when you get it back.
Sounds like you have a very good dealer!! Now you can guess how many vehicles there are out there with similar defects and do not get the fine service that you are getting and maybe get just talk until warranty ends!!
Also would bet that you now get extra special attention!!
Good luck.
I also would be pissed.

I would also have asked for a new car..., here come the lawyers, but only if you bought, you only rent..

New engine, ugh, do you think it will ever be like new? Hope the mechanics are good.

DTS, i had a new one as a loaner for my SRX for two weeks, what a peace of junk compared to the SRX!

ASK for a SRX loaner, you deserve one.

The dealership has an on-site Enterprise Rental which only seemed to have DTS's for rent. All that I'm responsible for is the gas. The car is a "real piece"! I would never buy one...I expected to hear an echo in it. Trust me, my '07 Corvette (same dealer) is getting some extra mileage this week.

Ironically, I too have an 07 DTS presently while the wife's vehicle is getting some service and she drives my SRX. I agree with the above comments - for the most part. My father in law's 2001 DTS is much more substantial. One of my partners has an 07 DTS performance with every option available. That is a better car than the standard DTS, but still has many flaws in my opinion. Also, with the base DTS, I blame many of my complaints on the Continental tires. That is a pretty easy fix.

Back on topic, I would not be happy either, but do think you may very well end up with a superior vehicle if your service dept. is top notch.
Never heard of this either on any N* engine! I had an oil leak also. was the front timing cover pan. Took 2 times and the dye to trace it. Part came in, 4 days and it's back.....perfect! Wonder if that's all you need???

Good luck with it!
I cracked my front timing cover as well. I did it with massive acceleration. I heard it go.
I cracked my front timing cover as well. I did it with massive acceleration. I heard it go.
Don, Don, Don.............don't you realize we are targeting women for the SRX?

Now drive like one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I could take my V8 Northstar with me everywhere I go. (when it runs right). Oh, and my front bucket seats, I love the SRXs' seat. Actually designed for a grown man. So thoughtful of cadillac.
I wish I could take my V8 Northstar with me everywhere I go. (when it runs right). Oh, and my front bucket seats, I love the SRXs' seat. Actually designed for a grown man. So thoughtful of cadillac.
Wish I could feel the same way. My Drivers seat in my 06 feels as frumpy as my grandma's couch.
I find the conclusion that because a car had to be repaired it will never be "as good as new" quite preposterous.
Also as a technician I can't help but find it a little bit insulting.

While I cannot profess as to the technical skill of my average counterpart in this business I can assure you that there are those of us out there who strive to make sure your vehicle is in perfect operating condition when it leaves our care.

Aside from the fact that it went in with an oil leak, it should surely leave the dealership without one, seems "better" to me.

I also find it, well, silly to think that cars never break and even sillier to think that us out here in the field do a lower quality degree of work than the people in the assembly plants. Not to be insulting to them but take a moment to think about what technicians know and what assembly plant workers know.
To do my job I have to be well versed in electricity, hydraulics, the laws of physics, computers, refrigeration, and God knows what else.
How many people complain about paying a plumber $500 to fix their toilet? Yet people whine about having to pay $100 to have me fix their primary mode of transportation in which they carry their most valuable possesions... their families?

At any rate, as mentioned, things break.
It sounds like your dealer is stepping up to the plate to provide you with a quality repair.
You could at least wait until you have a problem to start complaining about the problems you have had... as opposed to complaining about things that haven't even happened yet.

Go to any brand of car dealer you want.
I bet they have technicians there working on cars, and they aren't going hungry. All cars break, all cars need fixed at one point or another (yes even Toyotas ;) )
Otherwise the service departments would be vacant parking areas.
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I did not intend to imply that the techs replacing my engine were thought to be incompetent. I just have never had this serious an issue with any of my previous 17 vehicles purchased or leased new. One dead battery, one alternator and a few leaking valve cover gaskets have been the most that I have had to deal with and in the last 10 years ('98 Vett, '98 Olds Bravada, '01 RX300, '01 Z06, '04 RX330, '04 MB SL55 AMG, '07 Vett), absolutely nothing! At the factory, the engine/trans assembly comes in pretty much assembled and is placed into the chassis with various electrical componenets connected. This engine replacement will require disassembly and reassembly of a myriad of components and leaves me concerned...and hopefully for naught. I bought the SRX knowing that their might be some reliability problems (yes, I do rely on Consumers Reports), however, I never expected this after one months ownership.

That's why there is a warranty. Poor parts do show up on any product. Cars, especially, have them turn up, as the numbers of parts/components are quite great.

I would far rather have a repaired/rebuilt product than a new "in the box" one, as there has been special attention given to that product.

Consider yourself lucky that the defect materialized so early on in your ownership. Imagine the consequences if you were at 48,001 miles! (in my case, as I only have 4/48 coverage)
Just wait until the fiberglass packing in the mufflers blows out of the tailpipes.

Then you'll really be upset. LOL.
As you know forums are harbors for negativity. A GM product, especially a Cadillac should be perfect. As perfect as my Sharp TV that quit after 13months, costing more to fix than a new TV. I guess we need to request where people who post work. Then we can find their forum, and bitch about what they do. Keep up the good work. You have one of the most thankless jobs in the industry.
Thanks guys... and Mike, I didn't mean to imply that you were being unreasonable.
It's just there are so many folks waiting in the wings to complain about anything that whenever an issue like this comes up they just jump in and start slinging it.
This topic is not so bad, but I get weary of people saying things like, a new car should be bought back because it has an oil leak or needs a major repair.
That is just rediculous.

It wasn't you I was frustrated with Mike, but all the negative nellies that popped in. ;)
I don't mean to be rude to you other folks either. I just get tired of hearing about how no one else on the planet makes mistakes at their jobs that can cause problems except for people in GM assembly plants and us technicians in the dealerships.

GMJim, this forum gives me an open channel of communication with a lot of my customers, and a lot of Cadillac owners all over the world.
I like to help when I can and I do what I can and there are a lot of people here who express their gratitude on a regular basis to me. I have to say this place helps me feel more appreciated for what I do than I have ever felt in my career. That still doesn't keep me from getting cranky when people complain TOO MUCH. Complaining should be kept to a reasonable level and sometimes people have a right to get really hot and hire lawyers.
There are just too many people willing to do so over nothing.

As I may have mentioned, I haven't heard of this specific problem but in mass production it is hard to control every little thing and sometimes stuff like this gets by. For that all we can do is apologize and make it right. I think your dealer is striving to do that Mike.
I am confident it will work out fine.
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"ewill3rd", I would agree with you, I hope this engine issue with Mike gets resolved to his highest satisfaction. Based on your input - I have started another post - "WHY I LOVE MY SRX" - only POSITIVE/GOOD news stories !!!
"Ewill " is right! You'll be fine. Sorry to hear about the new engine needed! If it helps at all........a friend just bought the big new Toyota Tundra truck. This was supposed to eat GM trucks for lunch!? Now at 1500 miles , his camshaft snapped!!!!! A one month repair! They put him in a YARIS !!! (little bigger than a push cart!) :eek: There is now a $$$ Rebate offered!!

Apparently, they have a forging problem with the steel ( made in Rice land) and many of them are snapping....hopfully as they raced GM trucks!:crybaby:

_hit happens....even at Toyata!!

Now go play Lotto!!! You're due!!
UPDATE: I picked up the car yesterday with the new engine. The paperwork calls the problem a "porous" block. I did observe the area just in front of the bellhousing connection and where the upper and lower halves of the block join on the drivers side. There is an area about 4"x4" on the upper block (between the first structural rib and the bellhousing flange) that looks honeycombed and apparently was leaking oil. Since the engine was replaced from the bottom, I also requested that the front end alignment be checked before accepting the car... and it was off spec. Everything seems to be working and it looks like I can now look forward to another 500 mile break-in period.

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