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4100 timing question

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What would be the best degree on the timing for my 4.1? I run unleaded 87 octane fuel and want to set my timing to the best degree for the best performance. Msd EVERYTHING will also be installed around mid december. Already installed new plugs yesterday, msd wires will be next weekend.
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thanks, i did change plugs on it and it runs sssoooo much smoother!! I am installing MSD EVERYTHING next month including the ignition. Everything will include; cap, rotor, module, coil, wires, & msd 6A ignition. This doesn't mean i will beat the crap out of it. My 4.1 stock with load in the back is WAY quicker than my dads! I'll have the fastest 4.1 around, it might even be quicker than the 4.5 which is the same shit. What if i set my timing to 12 degrees and ran regular?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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