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2006 CTS-V
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So far, so good!

Plan on 1-1.5 hrs for tuner time and make sure you have a full tank! She will run rich until everything is adjusted properly.

I reused the Volant box and added some 4" stuff. Very basic and straight forward, and the results are wonderful!

Everything has improved, and I think my setup is now about as good as it can get short of boosting it or nitrous.

For the people who are curious, I added a K&N dry filter a while back, and it's truly proven a blessing with maintenance.

Even if you run a standard K&N or Volant, it will work for the setup. Part number is in the last pic. It's also a few bucks cheap than the oiled. Cleanup is a breeze. Soap, water, rinse and dry. Zero oil. As per K&N it filters better and flows more.

How much of that actually translates to power? Heck if I know, but I'm much happier with it and the car does indeed seem to respond better than it did with a K&N oiled.

All in all I am very pleased with the results. I will be hard wiring the MAF adapter harness, and trimming the boots a bit more, swapping them for black ones when I have time and cerakote C7600 coating the tube in April ish.

You will need an LS7 MAF card, harness adapter, 4" MAF mount, 4" tubing 9" length and some clamps and elbows/unions. I'm also welding a bung for the fresh air vent and getting rid of the breather that's temp installed.

You will also need a tune, immediately so plan accordingly, as the car is absolutely unsafe to drive until it's tuned.



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