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Gary Tayman said:
How many of you have changed your serpentine belt, or had someone do it for you?

A couple months ago I took my DeVille to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. The technician called me out, and showed me the fan belt that was starting to show wear. Yes indeed, I'd like to see a new one in there, but not today -- probably next time.

Well, today was next time. I changed the oil at the same location, and asked about changing the fan belt. This time the answer was "can't do that."

Now I'll admit this belt doesn't look easy, and I get the impression that he just didn't want to do it. Jiffy Lube has a standard price of around $50 to do this, which to me is a bargain on this car. Still, it's bad business to try to talk me into having it replaced, then refuse to do it.

Have others of you had this belt changed by Jiffy Lube or similar?

its a rippoff in my opinion, get a 1/2 breaker bar or 1/2 ratchet, and do it yoruself.. it takes all of 3 minutes to do. the belt costs about $20 from autozone. the routing for the belt is posted on a diagram on the front of yoru engien compartment..
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