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4.9 oil leaks theory help. 1991 ETC

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Looking for some help to see if any of you can bolster or negate my theory. Ok so when i first bought my 91 ETC , I had oil leaks. Small slow leaks through the valve covers and a bigger faster leak through an oil line. Fixed the oil line immediately but decided the valve cover leak could be put on back burner until i get ambitious enough to fix since it wasnt that bad. However this tough winter with its extreme temperature drops and the car sitting in the garage (unheated) and me starting the car once a week to operating temperature, May have taxed the gaskets and the oil leaks from the valve covers has accelerated and its a must do job now. So yesterday i pull the car out of the garage and i am running it and i notice lots of oil smoke from under the hood, and just as i noticed that, the car stalls. Start her back up and sputtering, misfiring and seemingly running on 6 cylinders. Pull her back into garage and shut down.....Come back a few hours later, start her up and runs fine, Couple minutes as oil starts to flow..smokes up...engine sputters. So here is my theory. Is the oil making its way into induction possibly through the triangular seals that seal the intake along with the valve cover? Just want to see if thats likely the cause of the sputtering... No codes but i am almost certain its oil escaping into induction. Possibility?
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Where is the smoke coming from, the exhaust?
Just from under the hood...definite burnt oil smell..not enough coming from exhaust to smell it all that much
Can you see where the smoke is coming from? Front, rear, left, right.
Can you see any wet oily areas? Valve cover gaskets, rear main, timing chain cover.
It is definitely the valve covers..... That i already know as it was when i bought it..... The dripping on the ground is horizontal and in an even line like the valve covers dripping straight down now just bigger drops. But my concern is if oil is making its way into induction from the valve covers in particular maybe from the two triangular seals that seal the "V" notch from the intake manifold to the head. Perhaps its happened to someone else that when they leak or fail. Oil gets in to induction and causes engine to run poor and misfire, sputter
Valve cover gaskets leak externally. They cannot cause an internal leak (oil consumption).
Could there be two separate problems here? How many miles are on your car? Can you trace the path of the valve cover leaks down the engine? Front, rear or both covers? There's not much electrical in the way down the engine...spark plugs and wires, a starter ground (on the front just behind the left side of the starter), AC stuff on the front left side. I don't remember what's on the rear but there's still plugs and wires. Does your oil light flicker after it warms up? Is your oil pressure sender socket/connector dry? How old is the fuel? Ever replace any injectors? IAC valve ever been replaced? EGR intake tubes clear? EGR working properly per the FSM? The tricky thing with these engines is that there's enough that's monitored that you can sometime narrow down what's causing the issue but there's far more that isn't hence the ability to run down a trouble tree in the FSM.
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