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4.9 litre engine firing order

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Does anyone have the diagram for the 92 fleetwood FWD 4.9 engine spark plug firing order.


ps. I think I may have mis-wired a couple plugs.
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The firing order is on the intake manifold.

Edit: Here's a diagram for all GM V8's of that firing order. Remember to rotate the diagram 90 degrees counter-clockwise because our engines are transverse.
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It's also molded onto the manifold. I think it is the same. It said "GM V8 ALL"
It should also be for the 4.1, because that's the classic GM firing order. My dad's Z/28 and Corvette were the same as well.
He guys,

i wanna check my spark plug wire's, i think one is bad (or one spark plug), i know the best way to check is, to run the engine and remove one wire after one (of course put it back before remove another one). My question is, do i have to remove the wire on the spark plug or can i remove it on the spark coil too, it would be a lot easier.
Doesn't matter which end you pull, but be sure you are wearing rubber gloves or standing on a rubber mat or using insulated pliers or something.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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