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3rd row seat issue

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I had the RF turn signal working intermitently(sp) for the last few days so a search lead me to several threads and youtube videos. It ended up taking me over 3 hours to change it but a good bit of that was chasing tools and a trip to Auto Zone. In the process of trying to get the jack out of the car to remove the RF wheel, I could'nt get the third row seat up to get at the jack. We're on vacation on the AL gulf coast so I ended up using a friends floor jack and tools. Another search on here lead me to the fact that the floor in the rear cargo deck has to be folded over on itself. Some kind of magnetic switch that won't allow the 3rd row seat to be raised till it is folded over on itself. I've owned the car for 3+ years and had the 3rd row up several times but didn't know that that was necessary. Hope this may help someone else. 74* here today! Far cry from our home in Cheyenne.
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