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368 to ???

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my 368 is pretty shot ...lots of miles, can i swap a chev 350 into my car is that more work than its worth, the only reason i picked a 350 is that they're so readily available. my tranny is trash to, what are my options swappin that too
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As I said in your other thread, the big Cads are the best way to go by far.
how are the 472 and 500s??? is it a good engine??? i don't know much about engines and shit, audio is my field. do they have some balls or are they just big?
Balls? Do they have balls?
You ain't seen balls that big...

Hehehe in answer to your question, yes. Torque monsters...

I'm in the process of buying an '80 Caddy hearse with a 368... Someday I'll prolly put a 472 or 500 in it...
Words can't explain the incredible difference you will have going from a shoddy 368 to a tuned 500...
Lets put it this way. A 500 makes a 5200 pound 75 Deville faster than a 368 powered 4000lb 80 Deville, both engines stock of course. A 500 makes about 300hp and near 500ft.lbs. on an engine dyno, of course without a good dual exhaust you're gonna be choking it out when you put it in the car.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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