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346 engine
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I'm seeking info on the 331/346 cad flathead. I have seen pictures of 346 engines that appear to have three exhaust ports (determined by the vehicle having headers with 3 exhaust pipes, and looking at exhaust gaskets offered on ebay) and the distributor mounted on the rear of the engine [ near the firewall]. I have also seen a picture of an old hot rod that had a 331 cad flattie installed and this vehicle has headers with four pipes eminating from the block "V", and the distributor mounted in the front near the water pump. Can anyone shed light on this difference? Was the 331 a different casting than the 346. I always thought they were the same engine with a different bore size. The old article with the hot rod referenced above stated the engine was a "1938 cad 331". Did cad move the dist from the front to the rear, and eliminate an exhaust port sometime during the production life? Any idea of when the switch was made?
I haven't been able to find any info on the internet addressing this issue, so hopefully one of you "experts" can help me out.
Thanks for any help,
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