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1995 deville concours northstar
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Just looking over all the fuses trying to find out why my windshield washer fluid pump has stopped working and I found one blown 30 amp mini fuse in the fuse panel on driver's side of the trunk. Replaced it yesterday and this morning it was blown again. I am missing the fuse panel cover with the diagram on it so I don't know what the fuse is for, and can't find any wiring diagram in my repair manuals that shows this driver's side fuse panel. The manuals I have only explain the layout of the underhood fuse panel, and the fuse panel mounted to the back seat. The car is a 1995 concours with northstar engine. I'm trying to post a picture of the fuse panel and fuse in question. It is the only 30 amp fuse all the way to rear of the car.

Thanks in advance

- Tim


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