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3.6L slight engine noise

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I have a 2006 3.6L 6spd 99K miles, I looked for a few days now and haven't found a solution anywhere online to this issue. The engine is making a ticking/chatter noise but isn't loud and has been for about a week or so now. it kinda sounds like teeth chatter when you're cold. It also only makes the noise between shifts as soon as let of gas and push the clutch pedal when the rpms come down, and also just when driving around town maintaining speed 30-45mph. Regardless of 4th,5th or 6th gear still makes the noise. Under WOT acceleration no issues or even half throttle there is no issues. Also there is no noise when stopped at idle. Even more odd is that i can't duplicate the sound unless the car is moving and maintaining speed. I read other threads on here but they seem to have different noises/issues. Fluids levels are normal and oil was changed less than a month ago. I did drive from AZ to MI and back about a month ago but had no issues while driving anywhere on either trip. Also I run 87 in the car always have i don't go back and forth between octanes because i know that can cause issues. but hopefully i was thorough enough in my description for somebody out there to help me out. Thanks in advance.
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It is probably your dual mass flywheel starting to go bad. Or your release bearing, that's my guess. I had to replace the dmf on my car, started as a noise just like you describe.
They did something wrong, I did my own and no more noise. The only thing in that rotating stuff is pressure plate bolts and flywheel bolts that could be loose. Only way to check is drop the tranny again. So much stuff has to come out though god knows what's loose, I would take it back. Look at your work order and make sure they did replace the flywheel though, Sachs says every clutch change but old school you just had it resurfaced.
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