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3.2 oil catch can?

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has anyone installed a oil catch can on their 3.2L before?
i would love to get some imput from a GM tech on how it would be connected, because the PCV system on this engine is a little different.

ewillard? you still on here?
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Its translates more as maintenance, keeping the engine burning cleaner. Not so much as performance.
Ya more of a engine health thing
Since I've had this on, which has been since Feb 10th with this exact setup... I just checked today. The clear side tube which is the oil level indicator doesn't seem to have any real oil in it, but it does look yellowish, which I believe is some oil having passed thru it and possibly sitting at the very bottom of the catch can. I'll see about opening it up tomorrow and seeing how much comes out.

All in all, seems to be a good little investment to catch some oil before it recirculates.
sweet, thanks for the update, mine should be here soon....if my mailman shows up for work... lol
just got mine in the mail. im mounting mine next to the battery and im going to use self tapping screws into the plastic next to the fire wall, no metal on the car will be drilled into....not a fan of that.
mine came with a very thick blue rubber hose, so i dont think ill have a problem with it being squeezed by air pressure.

pics later today.
here it is.
i noticed some stock hoses im going to change, so ill have to find some in the next couple weeks, the stock dirty air hose feels like playdough....also some other very thin hose on the rad has a crack in it, its a air line that conrtoles some actuator.

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The blue hose I got was an actual fuel line hose, which was good. I think I'd change that one out too. I had one of those clear tubes and although nothing really happened, I felt better using an actual fuel line hose. I had to go out of my way to find one since the local places didn't have.

Here are pics of it now. I opened it up, and nothing really came out, but you can see its picking up little bits of oil.

In these pics, its unmounted because I was seeing if anything was in it. I have it ziptied against the firewall usually.
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that blue hose was pissin me off.. so i went and bought a thick hose and put it on. streched the ends over the catch can ends,(wasnt easy) and replaced the old stock hose. i bought more than i needed and i bought a barb link that i didnt use,,,that thing was $3.50..thinkin bout returning it lol (not really, ide spend more in gas gettin there than its worth)
now i think this may also help with the valve cover leaking issue, reason being is it is the PCV system and the cause of the leak was moisture freezing, when i took this apart after only driving 5 min it dribbled water and there was a little gunk in it (i drove it earlier today im assuming the gunk is from that and moisture from the short drive)
anyway, here is the new setup, looks much better.
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Why couldn't you use an oil separator from a compressor ?
I'm not sure how those work, is it a filter? I've only seen inline oilers for compressors not a oil seperator.
mike and od...i am digging the setups you guys are using and it is a great idea. when i had my 03 i always wanted to do this, but i couldnt justify this mod because i didnt think that much oil was actually going through my system, so needless to say i am waiting on some of your results to see how much is being extracted
It definitely seems to be catching small amounts. You can see by the clear tubing its got some oil in it. I opened it up but there wasn't enough to pour out. My guess is, seeing as how its only been about 1-2 months... I'd have to give it about 4 more months before I could make a solid review.
Bumped this.. If we have an '04 3.6l, should we look into getting one as well? Sorry if ignorant, just confused.. I saw on faq's that the v's use it, too. 3.2l use, i'd assume 3.6l as well? Thanks fellas..
I don't think the 3.6 uses any PCV system. I'm not sure how you'd route a catch can in the 3.6
Pretty good Mod. I would try to keep both (in/out) can hoses, level with the one coming out of the intake, or lower.
There's got to be some sort of PCV on the 3.6...fairly sure all engines have some sort of pcv system.
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