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Was wondering if running a 45/18 in the rear with the 275 wide would work. Im currently running 275/40/18 in the rear, and with the eibachs/ww mod....theres a little more gap than id like.. The fronts perfect with the eibachs/245/45/18.....rear looks a little more raked then id like. I was wondering if I returned to the 45 profile, if this would fill the gap in a little more....make the rear rim look a little bigger/beefier from the side profile view of the car.
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What up J? I don't know if they make a 275/45?

I do know what you mean about the space in the rear and the lowering kit it lowers the front more than the rear when it should be the other way around!
well I like the rake but a 1/4 inch less rake would be nice, but i like the raked look, it looks mean imo, itd be nice just to fill the fender well out with more tire....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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