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24inch wheel offset???

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I am looking to put 24x10 inch wheels on my 03 Escalade Ext. I was wondering what would be the best offset to go with? The wheels I am going to purchase are the Boss313 and they come with an offset of 15 or 30. I don't want the wheels sticking way out past the body of the truck. I would like a nice, somewhat flush look.
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Hey I am in the process of doing the same and I have researched alot on it. The best offset you wanna get is probably the 15. 30 is kinda high. Boss 313's are nice rims and Boss makes good quality strong rims too. I use to have 301's in 23" on my Expedition...

As for tires you could go with 305 35 24 which would be less hassle than a 315 35 24 but then 315 looks more bad ass in my opinion because of the extra width. With either one, you are gonna get some rubbing if you try to do a full turn but it's not as bad as some people make it seem - just don't do fast full turns lol (ie. lock the wheel to the end). Some people might tell you that a 35 profile would feel more rough on the road - this is true but then you gotta decide if you want more of a bad ass look or more comfort.

Its all a matter of personal preferance and I just have to say this ... "YOU GOTTA PAY TO PLAY!" lol - there I said it hehe.
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Pay like you weight.. Cost to floss lol
LOL - somehow that reminds me of some song that came on the radio the other day and I almost went off the road from laughing my ass off - "I want a new Bentley but my auntie need a kidney" lol. :alchi:
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