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i currently have an '05 rwd with a Ground Force 2"/3" lowering kit and 22" TIS 08 wheels. tires are 305/40/22 -Toyo Open County A/T (set at 40psi). I have NO rubbing except for reverse hard 90's. It's rides "loose" and "bouncy"... but corners great! Would changing tires help ride quality a little..?

Thinking about jumping up to a 24" TIS 08 or Dub Big Homies with 305/30/24 Nitto... any suggestions or feedback? I do drive 30K+ miles a year... so a little "less" bounce would be nice...

The wheel gap is better than stock, but 24's would look way better... tire size? PSI? Brand tires? Different drop kit/springs? Thanks -


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