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20's rubbing on 91 Deville

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I'm having some problems with the 20's i put on my 91 Deville. They're rubbing in the back when i have people sit in the backseat. Obviously I don't want this to happen, so i wanna find out what options I have for raising the rear of the car so they don't rub anymore. I don't wanna take them off cuz I like them too much. I tried some spacers that stretch out the springs in the back, but they only lifted 2 inches and the tires are still rubbing with them on. I don't know much about this, so I'm open to anything. thanks.
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I also tryed the coil boosters to slap on sum 15" daytons and it still rubbed wid just me in da car how u gets 20'z on it. im thinkin u need to go with air ride or something like that i wuld like to know wat to do too as well.
I thought the '91s have air shocks? If so why not locate the pump relay and short it out to bypass the level switch. Put a momentary spst switch on it so that you can control the height. Thats is what I did to my '89 Eldo when I had problems w/ 16" rims.
I dont think tis worth putting these huge ass rediculous rims on cars anyway. 20 is a bit excessive aint it? It messes up the ride and the eighties and early 90's caddies paint dulls too quick to ahve really ncie rims on. But alot of people shave the inside of their wheel wells to get those rims to fit, you can look into that.
Just go to any mechanic shop and they will know how ..........OR

you can just get some cheap $5 coil spring spacers that is if hopefully your model has rear springs and then stuff these spacers in between a coil that will effectively raise the height about 1" and minimize how much the car lowers under loads.

If necessary you can use more for a high raise OR you can also buy coil spring spacers online that are just rubber pieces they don't raise the car's height but they do prevent the car from lowering so much.

If you don't have springs then there are also some springs that go around the rear shocks to raise up the car which you can adjust to your needs. When I used those once on a car I had to cut them to length and they worked fine until he sold the car.

Besides that you could look into rear air shocks and just filling them up manually.

Easiest option is coil spring spacers available really cheap at autozone.
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