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Good Day Everyone!

Perhaps one of the members can help me (If so, Thanks In Advance!).

OK .... I picked up my 2022 Cadillac Escalade 4WD Premium Luxury 13 days ago. Love the vehicle!

Prior to the 2022 Escalade, I owned a 2017 GMC Yukon Denali. The 2017 Yukon had the Active Fuel Management (AFM) feature .......

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The new and improved version of AFM is Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) and is standard on my 2022 Cadillac Escalade Premium Luxury and is mentioned on page 250 of the 2022 Escalade Owners Manual ...

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The equivalent to the 2022 Escalade Driver OLED Control Panel and Cluster Display on the 2017 GMC Yukon is called the Driver Info Center (DIC). Both are customizable.

Going back to the 2017 GMC Yukon, one of the many personalize screens (DIC "pages") would display the ....
  • Fuel Range - miles / distance remaining before fuel tank is exhausted
  • Instant - or AFM display. Shows whether the engine is running on 4 cylinders or 8 cylinders
  • Fuel Economy - calculates current fuel economy (mpg)
Below is an image of the 2017 Yukon DIC I was referring to (I apologize for the quality of the image) .....

Speedometer Car Vehicle Odometer Tachometer

So, My question is - How to display on the 2022 Cadillac Escalade Premium Luxury whether DFM is running on 4 or 8 cylinders (like my 5 year old Yukon - Smile)???????

Even if the "DFM indicator" is some type of small icon or symbol, I would be happy to display and use it.

Last week, I stopped by my Cadillac dealer's service department to pick up an accessory from the parts department. I asked the parts department staff the same question? They did not know the answer?

I then walked over to the Cadillac service department and asked several of the service advisors the same query. They also could not answer my question?

Everyone at the Cadillac service and parts departments were very nice and meant well, but they were making "logical guesses" (and kinda wasting my time ...) and did not know exactly how to customize the 2022 Escalade OLED Control Panel and Cluster Display for some type of DFM display.

Again, Thanks In Advance if any of the members who know for a fact the answer as well as presenting and / or attaching any documentation to this post in regards to some type of DFM display (or not).

Cheers!!! :)


Additional Comments .....

Note - One of the many nice features of the 5th Generation Escalade is the Informational Messages that overlays the right side of the OLED Driver's Instrument Panel (where the driver can see radio; connected phone info or small version of navigational map).

Informational Messages such as when you turn your lights on/off while the engine is running; what mode your windshield wipers are "in" when you turn or adjust the right side "stalk"; etc.

Below the message is a "blue box". In the center of the blue box is the word "Dismiss".

Although the messages will eventually "drop" from the Instrument Panel, the message can also be manually "dismissed / cleared".

I searched the owner's manual but could not find any reference on on how to manually clear or "Dismiss" the Informational Messages.

Last weekend after shopping, I ran into a lady and her family at the parking structure who owns a 2022 Escalade Sport. We both complements each other's Escalade.

I mentioned how I did not know how to clear the Informational Messages?

She showed me how.

Although not documented anywhere, it's the center button on the right side steering wheel control!

Fixture Vehicle Vehicle door Personal luxury car Family car

I mention this in the hopes that like the undocumented procedure for clearing an Informational Message, a member on this fourm may have found an undocumented way of displaying DFM!

Whew!! Sorry to be so long winded Everyone!

Have A Great Day!!! ;)

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Good Day Everyone!.....................

Well, I don't think you have the same display feature on the MY2022 as on the MY2017, since the technology has been upgraded, although they are all within the "cylinder deactivation" category, or CDA. For AFM, it has four modes, but typically switches between 8 and 4 cylinders; for DFM, or "dynamic skip fire" (DSF), it has more operating modes (up to 17 as of my knowledge), and it can run 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinders. The flexibility offered by DFM should offer better fuel economy. Just image for the display stand point of view, it is perhaps very confusing to show the number of active cylinders, as well as the operating mode. There is, however, a display tool, can show the active cylinders and firing order. If you really desires to investigate, hook the tool to your OBD port, and it shows some interesting features. Hope I am correct.:)

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Thanks for the reply @ReggieZ!

After much exhausted research and contacting several local Cadillac techs, I believe you're correct!

You're also accurate about using a OBD (II) Scanner. A technician at a well respected independent garage here in Southern California that specializes in servicing primarily Cadillacs and other GM autos too suggested me purchasing a scanner to "trace my driving habits and monitor (cylinder) activation / deactivation".

It's just that with the 2017 Yukon, the CDA / AFM display on my instrument panel kept me "honest" in regards to maintaining a constant; slow and steady "footing" on the gas pedal during city and highway driving - Especially when accelerating uphill!

Although I currently do my best to "mimic" the same "footing" - However, Without the display somewhere on my instrument panel while driving my 2022 Escalade, I had no "gauge" or feedback if my foot on the accelerator pedal is responding correctly to active CDA / DFM.

Viewing the cylinder deactivation (instantaneous) display was a great guide to help me take advantage of the tech which in turn translated to better gas mileage.

Now with my 2022 Escalade (which I love - Smile), I feel that I'm driving blindly and have no reference or guide as to if I'm successful with deliberately activating DFM or not.

Oh well ..... Looks like I may be installing a scanner this spring (Smile)! Again, Much Thanks @ReggieZ!
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