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I purchased my 2021 XT6 in late March. Soon after purchase I noticed an engineering flaw with the backup camera. When backing out of the garage, the backup camera screen was in the dim mode and headlights were on due to low light conditions. When I backed out into sunlight, the headlights immediately turned off, but the backup camera screen remained in the dimmed mode for about 30 seconds. On a sunny day the backup camera screen in the dim mode can not be seen due to glare. Under these conditions you could only rely on mirrors for rear vision, clearly not ideal. I took my car to the dealer 2 weeks after purchase to investigate this problem. The initial reply from the service manager was that this was "normal" operation. I emphasized that this was a flawed design and a clear safety risk due to lack of backup camera vision on a sunny day when backing out of the garage. The service manager then contacted GM and was told they were aware of the problem, I was the 2nd XT6 owner to report the problem, and there was at that time no fix for the problem. At that time I also reported the problem to Cadillac customer service and a case was opened to investigate the problem.

Over the next several weeks I also noticed that the brakes were noisy with vibrations when starting out. The brake noise subsided after 7-8 braking episodes, and after that the brakes seemed to operate normally. I did not immediately report this as I thought it might be a break in issue. However, over time it became clear the noisy brakes issue occurred every time I started out on a new drive. A few weeks ago I made an appointment for the dealer to inspect the brakes and determine if the problem could be resolved. It was interesting when I first discussed the noisy brakes over the phone with a service manager, he said it was just moisture on the brakes. I couldn't believe he said that. I suspected he wanted me to accept the problem as normal and go away. In the time between that discussion and taking the car in for the brake inspection, I searched the internet and of course found several reports of noisy brakes, and it was clear GM was aware of the problem. It has been reported that the composition of the brake pads is responsible for the brake noise, so new brake pads are needed. I also reported the brakes problem to Cadillac customer service. They took the information in but would not confirm to me that it was a known problem (but I was pretty sure they were aware).

When I arrived at the dealer service department to have the brakes inspected, a different service manager immediately said that GM was aware of the noisy brakes problem and they were planning to have a fix available by the end of June. In addition, I was also told that GM was aware of the backup camera issue and were also planning a fix for this by the end of June. At the time of this writing, I have been informed by the dealer service department that a solution for the noisy brakes has been found, and replacement brake pads for my car have been ordered. No word yet on the backup camera problem.

During the course of addressing these issues I was generally disappointed about the level of feedback and communication from Cadillac customer service and the dealer. At no time did I have any communication that acknowledged my concerns after I first reported the issues, nor were any updates provided on the status of a fix. And of course at no time did anyone from Cadillac say, "sorry you are having problems with your new car." Always felt like I was fighting to be heard, and the dealership tried to fall back on the "normal operation" excuse far too often, hoping I would accept inferior quality as normal. Cadillac customer service would only take information in, but would never provide status of any planned fix. It became my belief that Cadillac customer service viewed their primary role was to protect Cadillac, vs actually helping customers address and sort out real problems with their new cars.

While I think these problems are model wide for the XT6, it is unclear to me if Cadillac will move to fix all cars, or only provide fixes on cars for customers who report complaints. If you have an XT6 with these problems and have not yet reported to your dealer, I suggest you do.
So happy to see your post. I have contacted GM and had my vehicle looked at for being sluggish in acceleration and with downshifting. I was so angry about those issues that I didn't even mention the noise and vibration with breaking or the issue with the dim camera. I think I will write to GM as I did in the past. They pretend they do not notice but I am sure to list the issues in the event of nonaction and an accident occurs, I have made them aware and therefore responsible. The camera issue is a pain. I have back issues and I have to keep turning and twisting to make sure there are no children or animals around my car. It is a nuisance and a huge safety issue. Still my biggest issue I think is when the stop stop is disabled because the car drags drags drags if I forget to disabled it before I place in drive or park. When I do disable before then, the car drives how I would assume a Cadillac should drive, smooth and nice. I hate to say that I regret the purchase because of the issues and them pretending that they are not aware of them.
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