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Hi folks!

I'm looking to buy from my parents a 2020 XT6 with the platinum package, which includes dual rear headrest entertainment. My parents never used the rear seat entertainment, so I have no history on how it used to work (if at all). Looking at it now, the screens appear to work and DVDs play without issue. The problem is with the sound. I can't get the sound to play via the car speakers. Here is what I've found:

Per Cadillac (see image below for manual I downloaded) I'm supposed to have a RSI Video App labeled "video" in the front main infotainment screen. It is here that I control the sound, amongst a myriad of other things like power, playback, etc.

I have no RSI Video App. It doesn't exist.

Manual I downloaded (see page 24):

Manuals and Guides | Vehicle Support | Cadillac
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I spoke to the guys at the Cadillac dealer here today and they are telling me that the RSI Video App only exists on escalades not on the XT6 and that the rear seat entertainment for the XT6 only works with headphones and does not work through the vehicle speakers. This sounds absurd to me and cuts against the information found in the guide above.

1. Does anyone have a 2020 XT6 and can play the rear seat entertainment through your speakers?

2. Does anyone have a 2020 XT6 and have the video app in their main screen up front?

Thanks in advance!
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