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2020 XT5 AWD trim level differences ?

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Is it true that the base and premium luxury models will have a different AWD than the sport model? I could swear I saw that somewhere and can no longer find the article.
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I think you can look at the Cadillac build-it-yourself new car sales site for the 2020 XT6. The present XT5 rear axle is the non-GM "Twinster" which is capable of active torque vectoring on various performance vehicles and will do the same for 2020 Sport XT5s. Torque vectoring is supposed to make the truck turn better by transferring torque to the outside wheel. Leave me out. The current Twinster axle is a very good Positraction substitute as it is mechanical and immediate in operation. The other common substitute for Positraction is brake based torque vectoring which takes a second or two as sensors must recognize the speed differential before braking the overspeed wheel..
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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