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Has anyone had this problem? While connected to CarPlay, the screen blanks out, if you are on a phone call or listening to music, it goes away, the Cadillac emblem shows up on the screen, and eventually CarPlay reconnects and every thing goes back to normal. All this takes about 30 seconds. Cadillac service’s first fix was a software update. Their second fix was to disconnect Bluetooth while cable connected to CarPlay(of course, that didn’t work). Now they say that I have to wait for the next software update. Anyone have this issue and found a real fix?
Yes, I have the e same problem. Occurs when Apple play is being used with gps and I try to use the phone
Dealer has not really been helpful and no resolution
Lease is up in a few months so doubt I’ll pursue it.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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