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2009 Escalade Lux AWD; 2005 STS N*AWD 1SG
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I wanted another Escalade. I really did. I enjoyed the prestige and the raw growl of V8 power from the 6.2L.
But, alas, it's not the best option out there.
Here are pics of my last 2009 Escalade, and its replacement.
Escalade, Tahoe Premium Plus (6.2L), and the Denali were what I had my eye on. However, their third row benches were horrendous. Even in the Escalade ESV, the cushion was like someone had thrown a nice leather blanket over the bleacher seats at the local high school - dressed up pain in the @$$. Seeing as we often have teens and adults in the third row for more than a short trip to dinner, it was enough that we stuck with our 2009 Escalade which has superior third row comfort over the 2015+ Escalade. This has been the case for a couple years.
Enter 2019 - miles are high enough that we really wanted to look around. We checked competitors, researched, and sat in every single full size SUV that has three rows. We were so open minded that we checked out the new VW Atlas and the three row version of the Hyundai Santa Fe. It's shocking how behind the competition that Cadillac and GM have fallen. Now enter our experience with the manufacturer.
No dealership was that excited about our beautiful Escalade after they found the open Takata recall. They all marked a hit to book value beyond the trade in numbers because of the unresolved recall. EVEN THE GMC AND CADILLAC DEALERSHIPS knocked over $2,000 off the wholesale book value BECAUSE OF THE GM RECALL!!! OMG! Cadillac themselves were ashamed of our Escalade!
In the end, we found that the newly designed Ford Expedition Platinum edition was nicer, has superior towing abilities, the Ford Sync3 user interface was better than CUE, and most importantly the third row was ultra comfortable! In fact, EVERY SEAT in the Expedition was more comfortable than the Escalade! And this was A FORD!!! The Platinum edition adds a light massage feature to the front seats as well, which Cadillac hasn't even dreamed of yet. Again - FORD!?!
Anyway, Ford actually offered us $2,000 more on trade in for our Escalade over what the Cadillac dealership offered us. They leased us the Expedition at $1,000 below invoice AND gave us $6,500 in incentives/rebates (we leased because we know Ford doesn't have resale value reputation like we THOUGHT we had with Cadillac). But get this!!! The residual value for the Ford is set at 58%!!! That blows away the Escalade in another arena of value! The Cadillac lease had the residual set at 50% (both 36 month/12k mi per year leases).
I HIGHLY recommend FORD. The Lincoln Navigator was even more plush and offers the prestige that can compete with Cadillac the way Ford can't. So, until GM figures out a way to make things right with their customers, I'll be that ambassador that loudly proclaims how they failed to react appropriately in the Takata recall - DIRECTLY IMPACTING THE POCKETBOOKS OF THEIR OWN LOYAL CUSTOMERS!!!

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