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I would like some help from Cadillac Customer Service. We purchased a used 2019 ATS on May 20, 2022 with 21,286 miles on it. The car passed the CPO Program. It has been back to a dealer two times since owning it and kept a couple weeks at a time. The dealer that has been working on our car have been super, they are not the dealer that we purchased the vehicle from.
History of car: at 6,500 miles transmission computer/modular replaced. At 21,000 transmission computer/modular replaced. At 21,654 the ECM replaced and still has the check engine on. After dealer had car for two weeks in less than 24 hours the car was back to the dealer with check engine light on again. We love the car and are happy that we have the extended warranty. Did we get a lemon? Any suggestions? We need help. We are a GM family.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer.

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Welcome to CF !!! Please read the title and advice in the "Site Help" forum title bar. It is not a vehicle or dealership advice forum.

Thread moved to Cadillac Customer Care. They will probably refer you back to the selling dealership.
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