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2017 or 2018 Escalade?

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I am on my 3rd Escalade, one from each generation. I put 200k on my 2007 and never had to pop the hood other than oil changes. My 2015i,, a far more advanced vehicle in every way, on the other hand has had a few more issues. Replaced transmission, radiator, AC condenser, strut, ball joint, GPS antenna, all the exterior window mouldings, console lid, transmission temp harness, sender, etc, and all under 90k. I am thinking of selling or trading in on a newer one,, please tell me a newer one these issues have been corrected? And if so any huge differences between a 2017 and a 2018? Other than 10 speed? and is that any better?

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I have a late model 2017 with the rear view mirror camera and hdmi port for the rear passengers and love it. Bought it new and have not had any issues (so far). It's my daily driver and have driven it up and down the east cost w/o any issues.
Hope that helps.
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