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2017 or 2018 Escalade?

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I am on my 3rd Escalade, one from each generation. I put 200k on my 2007 and never had to pop the hood other than oil changes. My 2015i,, a far more advanced vehicle in every way, on the other hand has had a few more issues. Replaced transmission, radiator, AC condenser, strut, ball joint, GPS antenna, all the exterior window mouldings, console lid, transmission temp harness, sender, etc, and all under 90k. I am thinking of selling or trading in on a newer one,, please tell me a newer one these issues have been corrected? And if so any huge differences between a 2017 and a 2018? Other than 10 speed? and is that any better?

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I'd pass on anything with the 8 speed auto. May go 200k with no issues, or it may have constant problems. I'd only consider the 10 speed auto.
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