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2016 3.0TT 25,000 miles in one year - update

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Disclaimer - first year model blues? Most likely.

Bought my CT6 Platinum 3.0 one year ago for $54K.. Certified car with 10K miles on It. Currently It has 35K. 25K in one year, lots of highway as I use It for my work to travel.

I know I am jinxing myself, but finally the car has the bugs worked out of It. While I seriously considered getting rid of It, I really love driving the car. When It is right, as It is now, It is a great car that I have fun driving. Plus with the mileage and resale, I am committed to drive the piss out of It until the warranty expires.

I drive the car in Sport unless on a road trip or bad weather (touring uses equal front and rear power distribution so better for foul weather than the 20/80 in sport ...or whatever It is). The car is tight in sport and with the 20" wheels and AWD feels like my previous A8 Audis. A good thing btw. Fun to drive, quiet, peppy (not FAST, but quick). And I love a larger sedan that feels nimble.

All that being said.....the bad part:

Transmission valve body and re-program - yes now It is 98% right. First-second gear lunges are so few and far between that I find myself going "oh yeah, I remember...oh well".

Rattle in the dash - took dealer a LONG time to find It. Turned out to be the HVAC case damper broken Replaced

Upper Dash Pad warping - replaced

Wiper Motor - replaced

CUE - blacked out and INOP - control unit replaced/software updated

Rt front strut Magnetic Ride - replaced

Back (rear) glass replaced due to defective defroster

One Set of tires (wear and tear)

Now that is a lot. Just thought I would share. Dealer has treated me like royalty and yes I have been pissed off more than once. That said, I love the way the car drives and I will stick It least until the next failure assuming there are more to come.
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25,500 miles on my 2016 3.0TT Platinum bought new. Great car! I would only replace it with a CT6-V.
I love fast cars plus a luxury spacious ride!
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