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2015 luxury i version GAS Smell issue need help!!!

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I purchased my car 12/13/14 and was loving my car until after my last fill up.. I DID NOT TOP OFF !!!
My car smells from gas. on the outside and from the a/c vents. My wife wont ride in the car. I took it in for service and they spent over an hr running the computer to see if any emissions issues or vacuum issues etc.
NOTHING. lifted car up and noticed no leaks. Mechanic did smell gas at first when i pulled in. Then they came out and told me they found the issue.
( i didnt beleive what they told me but this is it) a vapor value under the car has spider webs and kept the
valve slightly open and they cleaned it out and that was the issue...
Now 2 days later and after a new full tank of HESS preminium gas. i have the gas smell back.
Anyone with a suggestion.
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I usually top off and never got the same smell!
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