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2015 luxury i version GAS Smell issue need help!!!

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I purchased my car 12/13/14 and was loving my car until after my last fill up.. I DID NOT TOP OFF !!!
My car smells from gas. on the outside and from the a/c vents. My wife wont ride in the car. I took it in for service and they spent over an hr running the computer to see if any emissions issues or vacuum issues etc.
NOTHING. lifted car up and noticed no leaks. Mechanic did smell gas at first when i pulled in. Then they came out and told me they found the issue.
( i didnt beleive what they told me but this is it) a vapor value under the car has spider webs and kept the
valve slightly open and they cleaned it out and that was the issue...
Now 2 days later and after a new full tank of HESS preminium gas. i have the gas smell back.
Anyone with a suggestion.
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I've also been dealing with this frustrating problem that happened a few weeks ago. I smell a strong gas (almost propane like smell) coming from the AC vents. Also you can smell it coming from under the hood. It's very overpowering at times where I have to roll down the window. I took it in to North County Cadillac (Escondido, CA) and even though my service advisor could smell the strong smell, they said they couldn't isolate the problem. They are pretty bad there.

I just dropped off the car to Hoehn Cadillac (Carlsbad, CA) and the service advisor could smell the strong gas smell not only in the car but also under the hood. I'm really hoping they can isolate the problem this time.
I told the dealership that but they said it wasn't that. They just called me and said they have isolated the gas smell to the front driver's side wheel well. Strange as there isn't anything with gas there. They said they need to investigate it further tomorrow. Hopefully they can solve it. He said they have never seen anything like this before.
The service advisor called me today and said they are having a difficult time isolating the source of the odor but that it appears to be emanating from the left wheel well. That still puzzles me greatly since how would gas come from that area? He said the technicians are "going to try to neutralize the odor but if that doesn't work they need to replace the wheel well".

Seems strange to me that the odor would be coming from there as I've had NO work done at all on the vehicle and it only has 5,500 miles. He said they are speculating that there is a foreign matter that produces the odor when it warms up". That doesn't seem likely to me because sometimes the odor comes on immediately when you turn on the car. It comes in through the AC vents. But he said that the vents are blowing the gas smell in from that area.

How frustrating.
Finally a glimmer of hope. They finally found the problem. They said that the odor is coming from the vent of the front differential. They said that the smell is coming from the gear oil (which smells like propane). Now they are going to figure out how to fix it. Hopefully it can be resolved soon.
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