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2015 luxury i version GAS Smell issue need help!!!

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I purchased my car 12/13/14 and was loving my car until after my last fill up.. I DID NOT TOP OFF !!!
My car smells from gas. on the outside and from the a/c vents. My wife wont ride in the car. I took it in for service and they spent over an hr running the computer to see if any emissions issues or vacuum issues etc.
NOTHING. lifted car up and noticed no leaks. Mechanic did smell gas at first when i pulled in. Then they came out and told me they found the issue.
( i didnt beleive what they told me but this is it) a vapor value under the car has spider webs and kept the
valve slightly open and they cleaned it out and that was the issue...
Now 2 days later and after a new full tank of HESS preminium gas. i have the gas smell back.
Anyone with a suggestion.
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This morning i started up the car and almost fainted from the smell. Looks like the car will be towed into the dealership tomorrow.
someone suggested it might be a sensor. but wouldnt that show up in the computer diagnostics.
also i notice morning starts are sluggish ( temps in teens for last few weeks) and the truck shifts a bit rough at times into 2 to 3 gear!!
just got back from the dealer after getting it towed. When the tow truck picked up the car we noticed a small leak in the underside of the car about 12 inches back from the wheel base in the center of the car. Looks like a fuel leak (hose). Hopefully its that simple..
they are replacing a damaged o ring at the injector ....
hopefully you read my issue that i posted. it ended up being an o ring on the injector.

I've also been dealing with this frustrating problem that happened a few weeks ago. I smell a strong gas (almost propane like smell) coming from the AC vents. Also you can smell it coming from under the hood. It's very overpowering at times where I have to roll down the window. I took it in to North County Cadillac (Escondido, CA) and even though my service advisor could smell the strong smell, they said they couldn't isolate the problem. They are pretty bad there.

I just dropped off the car to Hoehn Cadillac (Carlsbad, CA) and the service advisor could smell the strong gas smell not only in the car but also under the hood. I'm really hoping they can isolate the problem this time.

i ended up being the one that figured the issue out. i placed the car on a upward incline and noticed fuel dripping out of the front end. while the car is on a flat surface it didnt drip..
That doesn't sound like a likely spot. Ask if they took the manifold cover off and checked the injector o rings. Or are assuming it not that. My service center thought they found the issue at first.... lol a spider Web in a vacuum hose. I laughEd at that and said I'll see them in a few days. That's when I called to get towed in and figured it out on my own. My gas smell was terrible and I figured unsafe to drive.

I suggest having caddy tow the car in each time. For safety reasons. And expense..... they will try harder to fix it.
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