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apologies if this has already been posted but bought my v last month and noticed that it had no info on how to pair a celly. the manual points to a section 7 in another manual that is missing a boatload of pages. bottom line, it appears that all '15 v's seem to have incomplete doc! that's caddy and not the dealer admitting this now, t'ain't me. i can report that all the coupes at my dealer had the same issue! i wonder if that's why they refer to it as a limited edition?!!

so it took several calls but caddy finally owned up to their hiccup and is s'posed to make corrections. we'll see. what's sad, is that all they had to do was copy the doc from the '14 and put a '15 cover on it since they are technically, identical.

so while many may not have even noticed, i'd give your dealer a shout so you can get on the list. hell, there wasn't even a '15 brochure!

the workaround. download the pdf for the '14 from the caddy ws. if u're picky like me, after paying $70k, bitch and they'll send u a hardcopy of '14 manual.

this is my 1st post, didn't see a '15 cts-v category, perhaps someone will edit this blog to include the '15 model yr.

:stirpot: verbose
Try this:

Pairing a Phone
1. Press and hold b / g for
two seconds. For vehicles with a
navigation system say “Hands
Free” after the tone.
2. Say “Bluetooth.” This command
can be skipped.
3. Say “Pair.” The system responds
with instructions and a four-digit
Personal Identification Number
(PIN). The PIN will be used in
Step 5.
4. Start the pairing process on the
cell phone that you want to pair.
For help with this process, see
your cell phone manufacturer's
user guide.
5. Locate the device named “Your
Vehicle” in the list on the cell
phone. Follow the instructions
on the cell phone to enter the
PIN that was provided in Step 3.
After the PIN is successfully
entered, the system prompts you
to provide a name for the paired
cell phone. This name will be
used to indicate which phones
are paired and connected to the
vehicle. The system responds
with “<phone name> has been
successfully paired” after the
pairing process is complete.
6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 to pair
additional phones.
Listing All Paired and Connected

Best regards,

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