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Hey! I came home from work one evening and had some friends over and we all decided to go to dinner. Since I drive the largest vehicle we all were going to pile up in my truck. I go back outside and hit the remote start and the alarm goes off for about 15 seconds then nothing. Fob won’t unlock the doors or anything. I manually get in the truck and everything is black, I changed the key fob battery and try but nothing. We all go to dinner in another vehicle and I schedule a locksmith to come the next day to make another fob. The locksmith gets there and checks the old fob and says it’s still transmitting! He suggests the battery is dead in the truck, I pop the hood, the alarm goes off again for 20 secs or so and everything is back working. I didn’t touch the battery. I ruled out the dead battery and I have changed the negative battery cable. It now happens kind of often but I can’t get it to replicate when I take it to a shop. Any suggestions on what it might be? FYI every time I go to crank and I get a click, all I have to do is open the hood and close it everything comes back. I’m so confused.
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