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2015 ATS Premium 3.6 Coupe RWD built 12/2014
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I ordered my first new Cadillac two weeks ago. I have ordered new Mercedes and BMW's and have been able to track them from order to delivery via the web and even tracked the
ships that were carring the cars across the Alantic. Cadillac wants to keep the build a secret I think.

My dealer says he can only update me once a week on the status. I have been able to track down the 4 digit build codes sequences but there is no information on the approx time
between sequences. When you have paid approx $50,000.00 for a new car it would be nice to know the status of the build more than once a week. I bet the Cadillac executives know how many cars have been sold on a daily basis.

There was one gentleman who waited 3 months for his car and never knew why. I would have cancelled my order after 8 weeks.

I suggest Cadillac have a system that a new car buyer can track the build of their car with a simple web app.

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