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2014 XTS key replacement

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Has anyone had to replace the key for the XTS, dealer said $500.00 to replace & program. I see them on e-bay for $50.00 and up, can locksmith program & cut these or does it have to be dealer.
Thanks Joe
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In my past experiences, it's been better to get them from the dealer. More expensive definitely but guaranteed to actually work.
You can buy after market ones but you have to take it to the dealer for the programming of it. No choice there.
Thanks, I may try to program it like the manual states, that is probably what the dealer does.
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Yes, as long as you have one good key, the manual p2-5 and 2-6 should enable an e-bay key to be programmed.
Sure worth a try before parting with $500!
I know this is an old thread, but does anyone know the details of getting a key cut? Does the key have to be cut to the same code as the existing key, or does programming the FOB to the key / car pair the two? I have a new FOB with a blank key, and trying to figure out what I need to get it cut...
Go to the dealer parts department with ID and proof of ownership and they will give you the key code. Take that to an automobile locksmith and they can cut the blank for you.
Can they cut it from the existing key? Use it as a template?
I suspect the key is cut by a computer controlled machine that cuts based on the key code. I suppose you could ask.
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