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SRX 2014 ... HP fuel pump troubles


Happy owner of a 2014 SRX, I encounter trouble (P228C) for some time ...
I mostly using E85 (half price!) but also unleaded.
Same DTC with both fuel ....
Same if it's sunny or raining, same at low speed or high speed, same a low or high RPM.

I can drive 800 km without any error code, and then (suddently) it pops up.
And, after clearing DTC or/and waiting 5 minutes engine stopped, if comes back after few minutes (or not). And so on.
The next day, no DTC ...or DTC again.
It depends !

I run a scantool to check the Fuel Rail Pressure.
You can find the graph in attachment.

Text Line Plot Font Diagram

As far as I can understand data, it seems that the pressure goes low, then high again ...

My question is really simple : why ?
May be my question is too simple : bad pressure sensor ? bad HP pump ?
I read somewhere on the Net it could be an 'air leak' ....

If someone has suggestions to investigate further I would appreciate

I'm OK to buy a new HP fuel pump or a new sensor ... because they're imported parts, they're really expensive.
So, I would prefer to be sure before

(sorry for my bad english, I'm french .... nobody is perfect ;) )

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ploume, ​Welcome to CF !!! :yup:

Your two threads on E85 and fueling have been merged into this thread in the correct SRX year group. The Lounge is for primarily non-vehicle-specific chit chat.

Your third post on the E85 "tune" for Europe remains as posted.

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