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I have a 2014 CTS Performance 2.0 AWD Obsession Red w/ Black leather. 36,000 miles

While driving to run an errand about 50 miles, stopped to enter directions in Nav. Because o was pulled over in the breakdown lane, when I was finished, I goosed it to get up to speed quickly. Within 15 seconds the car started making some horrific sounds - like someone put a wooden spoon in a blender. Clearly coming from tranny area. I immediately pulled off the highway and found a gas station. In the 5 seconds that I was parked a decent sized fluid puddle had formed underneath the car. I checked it and it was definitely tranny fluid.

I bailed on my original destination and quickly re-routed to the nearest dealer, which took about 25 mins of driving. As long as I kept it under 45, it felt like it could handle it and was drivable.

When I got to the dealership they put it in a lift. The drivetrain was pushed out of the engine housing about 2-3 inches (which also blew the seal). None of the mechanics had ever seen something like this. No one can figure out what would have caused this. We also have no idea about the extent of the damage to other parts of the system, including the transfer case ($1,500), or other areas. I’d be interested to hear any thoughts or opinions on why this happened (root cause).

Last month we replaced the CUE screen assembly which stopped working. That was $1,450 in uncovered expenses. While the drivetrain issue will likely be covered under warranty (only 5 months left!), I have to say that I’m really disappointed with the overall quality of this car. A car that retailed for well over $70k, and which only has 36k miles shouldn’t be dropping a drive train or having major electronic assemblies fail.

What’s the story? I have had a half dozen new cars over the last 15 years, and none of them ever had a lick of problems at this level, and certainly none at 36k miles.

Are Cadillac’s really this bad?

I’m concerned that my drivetrain warranty expires in May 2020. Given this kind of history, there will certainly be another event in my near future, and I have no interest in dropping $2-5k every time something goes wrong. I’m considering abandoning the car before May and trading it in for something more reliable and which has better quality control.

Ideas or thoughts?
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