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2014 ATS 2.0T Luxury
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Installing a subwoofer into my 2014 Cadillac ATS 2.0T Luxury. The only snag I am running into is disabling the ANC. I have read a few ways to do it, one is by clipping the wires at the 3 mics in the vehicle which isn't really a "clean" way to do it IMO so I am opting to disconnect the entire connector BUT, I am having trouble locating that specific connector. I am positive that there is one solely for ANC as I have read a DIT How-To in these forums about it and found the Bose AMp Wire Schematics for it (attached below), the only problem is the DIY How-To unfortunately does no specify WHERE the connector is located. If anyone has any idea where the ANC connector is located within the vehicle or could point me in the right direction, that would be very appreciated.

P.S. I have this idea of splicing the Battery Positive Voltage wire that goes to the connector and installing a simple On/Off switch so that I could disable and enable the ANC whenever I wanted. Does this sound like something that could work as opposed to disconnecting it all together?


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