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2014 ATS 2.0 MT
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I have a 2014 ATS MT that I bought new this past February. The car has been fantastic so far after 3500 miles. I love it!

A few days ago, I noticed a slight clicking noise when cycling the clutch pedal in and out - very annoying and it was disturbing my driving experience!

Yesterday, I examined the pedal box area under the dash and noticed the hood release cable is actually dragging against the clutch pedal shaft mechanism/pivot point, causing the annoying clicking sound. I reached in the area and moved the cable slightly, but will have to really get in there to see what the deal is.

The cable was either incorrectly routed by the Factory or potentially some retention device has failed, came loose, etc. (I would hate to think this simple issue is due to poor design or an oversight, but as an engineer, I have seen many things).

Anyway, I do not (yet) have the shop manuals, but if anyone can point me to a cable routing diagram that would be great. I would like to rectify this myself as I'm not a fan of having the dealer touch my vehicle for simple items, as it will most likely be returned with scratches, etc. ; (

Also, it would be a good idea to check your vehicles as well - this situation may cause chaffing/put tension on the hood release cable.


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