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2013 XTS Service Side Detection System

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Okay, I'm sure this was posted previously, but a couple weeks ago I had the message on my DIC (Driver Information Center) to "Service Side Detection System. I tapped the RH switch on the steering wheel to cancel the notice and went on my way. After all, over several years experience with this 2013 XTS Premium, I am accustomed to occasional messages on the DIC which go away after a day or two.

This one didn't. Every morning over the next couple weeks, when I started my car, the message was there. I started putting together the information. I realized, as I was on a multi lane highway, when cars were approaching from the right (or the left for that matter), the flashing arrows in the mirrors was missing. OMG, I actually might have to watch for someone in my blind spot I thought sarcastically, and put two and two together.

Anyway, after a few weeks of the message, I thought I should call my dealer and schedule a service appointment. I did and discovered although my CPO warranty was good through March 30, 2019, I was already dreadfully close to the the mileage limit! The appointment is for March 18, and by the time I got the car to the dealership I would be likely over my mileage limit. I mentioned this to Tom, who made the service appointment at Key Cadillac, and he said not to worry about being over the mileage.

Anyone already have to pay for this out of pocket? If so, what should I expect? Maybe it's time to trade cars?
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yes there were previous replies to this topic on a different thread. I was one of those that had replied. I have a 2014 XTS. This system has failed twice. The first time it was the right rear side sensor that needed replacement. About 6 months later, the left rear sensor failed. In both cases, I paid for the repair as my warranty had expired. If the labor rates at Key Cadillac are similar to those of Morries Golden Valley Cadillac, then the repair will cost $600-700. My technician informed me that tases sensors fail over time as they are exposed to water. The water buildup eventually permeates the seal on the sensor. Once that happens, you get the error message on the DIC. Unlike other error messages that can be dismissed once during an ignition cycle, this error message will appear repeatedly on the DIC even after each dismissal.
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