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2013 XTS platinum dashboard sun warp

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Hey guys I have a 2013 cadillac xts platinum. My dashboard has been chewed up by the sun and is continuing to lift up on the ends. Does anyone know where I can get this piece other than the dealership? It’s the one with the purple stitching, black and white trim at the ends of it. Thank you in advance
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I've only had my 2013 platinum for 18 months but am very OCD about keeping a sun shade on the dash when the late spring and summer temps go up. The prior owner lived in the northwest where the summer temps are not nearly as hot as here in Idaho. I also believe she kept it garaged whenever it was not being driven. Let me know what you find out as I'll be interested in what your options are. Thanks for sharing.
Yea I keep a shade on all my vehicles, I went overseas for the military and kept the car outside and when I got back the dash board was chewed out by the sun. My son had take the shade off of it. sure will man
Thank you exactly what I needed
Now to find out the color scheme for it
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Even though online OEM parts are often 40% off, (you pay what the dealer pays) shipping prices vary bigly. Marked-up shipping costs are a big part of their profit structure.

Once you ID the proper dash pad, get the part number and plug it into as many online OEM parts sites as possible to determine who offers the lowest shipping. You might be pleasantly surprised how much more money you can save.

I do this every time I need a part and have found sites that charged more for shipping than the part.
Wow thanks for the advice I appreciate that
Since it don’t really have a color scheme picture I’m just trying to determine which one is the right color way that I have now on my vehicle
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