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Please help me as I have consumed all my luck with this problem

About a year ago

The air conditioner filter has changed

And the skin of the air gate which is next to the engine

And since then my screen froze

When the vehicle was shut down and restarted, the screen did not work and the lighting in the steering wheel did not work

AC lighting works

i changed the screen

The receiver device has changed

HMI has changed

And it's still not working

Hatta when I came to a dealer who asked me for $ 16,000

I have tried all the steps the battery negative has been disconnected and still not working

But I noticed that when I reconnect the battery, the steering lights turn on for a second and turn off

Everything has been reviewed in a car

Is it possible that alternator..!!

the battery has been changed and upon detection of the alternator, the engineer told me that there is no problem with it

Please help me 馃檹

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Welcome to the forums! It would help a lot if you tell us the year/model/engine/trim so we know what car we're working on. Then, I can move your question to the correct forum page.

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Try checking battery connections and cables. Also, if the battery is a little weak it can cause weird issues. Maybe someone else here will have other ideas as well.

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You really need a wiring schematic to follow the wiring and look for a bad ground, wiring connector or dirty wiring connector pins
Could be a controller that controls that screen, maybe the BCM controller or the wiring for the cars network that controllers connect to and exchange information

Use a good OBD scanner and see if there is any DTCs (error codes)
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