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So I have an issue and i have even took it to cadillac to get it service and they seem to not even can find the problem. So my car is awd and i have staggered rims correct size for my Cadillac same hieght but backs wider than front, but when i put them on there was no issue i also added spacers to the back cause i hated the space so it’s sticking out at least half inch, i try taking them off still same problem the car still feel like something stoping one of the back wheels like a jerking it put rubber center caps also, still the same issue! It’s only when i press glass you feel the jerk! When i accelerate to much , my no traction light comes on. I took it too transmission shop nothing wrong also it only has 56,000 miles , Cadillac can’t seem to find the problem. I’ll Drop pictures of my car..
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