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Background first - I purchased a VCIM that came from a 2011 CTS AWD loaded coupe. Had everything but remote start. I swapped out the VCIM in my car (a 2009 Cadillac CTS, loaded) with the one that came from the 2011 CTS. Very easy to do, no problems. Left the blue tipped antenna connection unplugged (as this only goes to the GPS antenna for OnStar and my navigation system has its own antenna).

Called OnStar, they had some trouble getting things switched over but when I log in to it's showing the correct information again. I'm also able to use the RemoteLink app with my iPhone. Doors lock and unlock perfectly, horn sounds and lights flash from the phone, all is good. I can even do the destination download thing to the nav system in my car which I wasn't expecting and is awesome.

Now to my questions -- my car has remote start and the 2011 CTS that the VCIM was pulled from didn't, so the VCIM doesn't know my car has it and therefore the RemoteLink app doesn't give me the option to remote start my car. I understand this is something that can be fixed by a tech at a dealership. I've been talking to the tech manager at my local dealer and he doesn't really know what to do to fix it so I'm wondering if anyone here knows the steps he'll need to take to tell the module that my car has factory remote start capabilities. Or even a resource that outlines these steps.

Secondly -- even though shows my '09 CTS and all the correct information, the RemoteLink app still shows the car as a 2011 CTS AWD Coupe and has the wrong preferred dealership information. I'm not able to change this in the app. Anyone know if that'll fix itself or if I'm stuck with it?

Last question -- the status light for OnStar on my rear-view mirror is red. I'm assuming this is because I left the GPS antenna connection undone. Is this something that can be cleared or am I stuck with that red LED?

Thanks for any help!
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