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2011 torque converter reprogram?

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Hi all,
I received my recall notice for the HVAC, plus there is a very small oil drip coming from somewhere under the pass side engine I made an appointment..while doing that, the service dude told me there is also a reprogram for the torque converter out, as it spins too fast and gets hot, so this reprograming will stop that. I did a search and found nothing on this, so I come to you, my trusty forum friends who know all..
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I knew I'd forget to put in something! LOL!
I asked the guy "this is for the turbo's"? To which he replied "yes"... I did not however, ask him to be specific. Weather permitting, I will be there tomorrow am, and I already have some questions to be answered before they touch my my trans stays in overdrive up and down the hills while on cruise ctrl, will this affect that? etc.
This tsb came out on the is for certain 2011 TURBO's that lag between first and second gear while at 30 to 40 percent throttle this is supposed to fix that.
OK, I'm home..what a day it has been! The service dude brought up the tsb on his screen, and as I was reading through it, it only mentions the 2011..but were it me, I would give a call to your dealer and ask them, who knows?, it may very well work for yours as well! It only just came out on March 24th. Now for the fun part..the oil drip I mentioned earlier turned out to be a defective oil pan..on the bottom of the pan, as you are under the car, facing towards the front, the passenger side rear corner has a cylindrical shaped hole that runs about a little over an inch deep into the pan..way at the end of it is a very small crack that seeps oil enough that if you let the car sit for a few days, you will have a small spot (approx 3" dia). I drove the 166 miles to my dealer and by the time I got there, I had a spray of oil from that hole to about 4 feet back,(which is now all nice and clean), but it will be a few days waiting on the pan, which will be thuroughly inspected next monday I should have the ol SRX back! They did get me a new CTS4 to use in the meantime. Very nice dealership - Axtell Taylor in Logan, Utah.
When I get th SRX back, I will update on the reconfig.
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How the heck do you re-program a torque converter? Are these electronic now?
heh..I'm with you, I'm only calling it that because that's what the service tech called it..I really do not know what it's actually referred to, but IMHO, it's just another engine/fuel/transmission/reprogram/discovery/patch/bandaid/fix/etc., that I have been forced to live with on every vehicle with an on-board computer I have owned since 2002.
BUT...regardless, I LOVE my SRX, and cannot wait to get it back!
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