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2011 CTS-V Coupe
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I have a 2011 V coupe with a manual transmission and just over 30,000 miles. Drove it today several times, and after my 4th stop, the Engine light came on when I started the car. I did not notice any performance issues driving it home, except that the clutch pedal felt as though it had some slack in it when I initially depressed it (could be me being over sensitive because of the engine light, but I had never noticed that slack before). I used my DTC reader when I got home revealing 2 faults but with the same fault code. The fault code was P062F Transmission Control Module Long Term Memory Performance.

Has anyone else ran into this before? I was contemplating clearing out the code to see if it comes on again, but I am not inclined to mess with any type of Control Module faults, and just have the dealer look at it. Please provide any insight or expertise you may have.

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