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2011 Black Cts4 AWD 3.6 DI sedan
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Hi all, long story short I got into an accident on the front drivers side and the headlight got smashed. In the process the wiring for the headlight ripped. I repaired everything now all is left is the headlight wiring. So I thought I would look at the passenger headlight and match the colors to the pins. Unfortunately Cadillac decided to use different color wiring on each side so I can't really rely on that side to fix the drivers side. Tried looking online and couldn't find anything. Anyone know which color lead to which pin or a way to figure it out or had a similar issue? Or anyone with the same car with HIDs want to snap me a pic of their drivers side wiring lol. The headlight currently works however the AFL is not and I get that annoying service AFL lamps message everytime I turn the car on. I'm assuming the wires left are for the AFL. I attached some pics. Thanks everyone


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