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2011 CTS hard steering at slow speed

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My 2011 was running just fine until I took it in for routine servicing at the local dealership. Now when I am driving at slow speed the steering becomes very stiff and hard to turn. I hear no changes in the engine and no check engine light.

Also, after having the plugs replaced by the service department, the car now idles rough at a stop. What in Gods name did they do to my car?
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Steering issue sounds like air in your PS system that needs to be bled out. Did you authorize any power steering service?
A GM dealership did this?

As far as the rough idle goes, you'd need to disclose your specific engine for an accurate guess on what's wrong as plug replacement procedures are different between DI & non-DI engines.

You mentioned in another thread that your battery was (poorly) replaced. It's possible that the throttle re-learn procedure outlined in your owners manual wasn't performed after replacement.

Either way, sounds like they did a bang up job on your car. Maybe the mechanic called in sick and the detail kid was slow on work.
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