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Hi guys, my car recently got written off after an accident involving a broken "car elevator" ... not sure what you guys call it in the States, but basically it's an underground car parking lot where you park the car in a small elevator that takes the car underground.

Long story short, that was my CLK 350 Coupe, and although it didn't have that many amenities compared to my current 2011 CTS Coupe, it WAS very , very comfortable to ride/drive. The roads here in Korea are absolutely horrendous, so ride comfort is essential. Now, having driven the CTS Coupe for a week or two, I'm beginning to regret my decision, due to the ride comfort. Is there something I can do to soften it so that it feels more like the Mbenz? If I need to switch out the springs, which are recommended for maximum ride comfort?

I'm sincerely thinking about selling this car and just getting a used used CLK 350 for like... $10k USD, but at the same time I like the amenities the CTS has to offer (air cooled seats, heated handles, nice Bose audio system, gorgeous design etc....)

Thanks in advance,
John from Korea
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